One of the Kingdom Keys

During service today I realized how to better understand our make up as human beings: spirit and flesh. Gaining a better understanding of this make up will allow us to maximize our time on Earth. Take note that the flesh is evil from birth and remains evil until death. Satan, who’s main objective is to [...]


When Two become ONE

Why? Oh how I long for you; the intoxicating smell of your scent; the warmness of your flesh nestled against mine. Victory. The sacrifice of your morality lusting after ones flesh; captivated by ones eyes. Why can I not let go? The burning desire to experience you again; my idol thoughts are given to the last [...]

Message to Self

I'm back to giving myself that extra 30 minutes haha but I want to share with you some thoughts: I believe people often say they don't know what they want to do in life because they don't see it possible to achieve the thing that they are actually thinking about doing. I believe that people [...]

Exceed Knowledge Level

I've just completed my Maymester, 14 weeks of Anatomy and Physiology 2 squeezed into 3 weeks. For me, a Maymester was ideal because I could get in and get out! However, the sleepless nights, endless cramming of material, and constant anxiety made those 3 weeks dreadful. In hindsight, I approached the class completely wrong, and I [...]