The Faith of African Americans in the 60s

In honor of Black History month, I saw it fitting to get back into Freedom Summer, a book about the 1964 summer movement to get blacks registered to vote and children educated in Mississippi. It is an awakening and thought provoking book that allows the reader to see the events as though they were watching [...]



Lord, thank you for life, health, and strength; you are so awesome! It is easy to praise you in my victories, but that I would praise you in sorrow and defeat. Then would I never lose hope. Then would you always be exalted. Blessed are those who put their trust in you. Blessed are those [...]

Focus on His name

Good morning, I wrote this poem back in February and I even posted it to the blog as "Uplifting Meditation". This morning I came across the poem again while reflecting in my prayer journal. If you don't keep a log of your prayers, I suggest you start to develop one. You will find it's rewarding [...]

Archived Files

Archived Files

I'm laying in bed this morning and decided to clear up space on my phone. So I turn off iCloud Photo Library. (Photos take up A LOT of space). Grabbed my laptop, and browsed through old photos, then videos. Well I came across the video to my segment of the Charleston Arts Showcase back in [...]