Lord, thank you for life, health, and strength; you are so awesome! It is easy to praise you in my victories, but that I would praise you in sorrow and defeat. Then would I never lose hope. Then would you always be exalted. Blessed are those who put their trust in you. Blessed are those [...]


Focus on His name

Good morning, I wrote this poem back in February and I even posted it to the blog as "Uplifting Meditation". This morning I came across the poem again while reflecting in my prayer journal. If you don't keep a log of your prayers, I suggest you start to develop one. You will find it's rewarding [...]

Message to Self

This came to me in prayer last night, and it could be relatable and beneficial for you. You created me for a specific purpose catered to me only. Continue to seek His kingdom, and He will direct your path! Patiently run the race set before you, only looking towards Jesus, nothing else. You need belief [...]

Church: “Bag of Love”

Church: “Bag of Love”

I struggled writing and sharing this, but it epitomizes my apprehensiveness with Church ~ Last week I moved my quiet-time outside, and after what seemed to be forever, I found myself in a checkered courtyard of a church onlooking King Street. At this time of the morning, the courtyard was nestled into the shade. My [...]