7 Wealth Building Principles: Tithe

It’s funny how God gets his message out into the world one way or the other. I wrote the blog below May 30, 2017, and I was uncomfortable posting it. Now that I’m doing this finance series it has to be released, so here goes.  I’m posting it as it was written last year with no changes. 

Tithing Looses Heaven

It is common knowledge that keys unlock and lock doors. So it is with the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus said, what we bind (lock) on earth will be bound (locked) in heaven, and what we loose (unlock) on earth will be loosed (unlocked) in heaven. Tithing is one of the keys that can either unlock the flow of heaven or lock the flow of heaven!
This is what you get for, tithing, unlocking heaven!
  • Return in our giving! The windows of Heaven will pour out blessings that we don’t have room enough to receive! Tithing can even be written off on your taxes!
  • Protection from Satan/Evil. We know that Satan comes to kill, steal, and destroy. You want protection from him!
When we don’t tithe we lock up heaven and end up cursed on earth. Allow Heaven to operate on your behalf which is what God wants! If you want to be on the road to financial freedom, start tithing!
taste and see,
Scripture to check out:
Matthew 16:19
Deuteronomy 26
Malachi 3:7-12
John 10:10

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