10 Reasons to Invest $10 into Yourself

Every month J. Worthy & Associates offers workshops that will help you get closer to achieving either spiritual, mental, physical, or economic prosperity. For the month of March, Mr. Worthy will offer a workshop using his book Control Your Mind Control Your Destiny.

It has been a goal of mine to get more “millennials” to these workshops because I’ve seen Mr. Worthy’s teachings turn the life of the older generation around, so why not help younger people understand life sooner. Below I have 10 reasons that you don’t want to miss the #CYMCYD workshop on March 24th! Click here to register! 

  1. Learn your purpose. If you don’t know your purpose, you will go through life aimlessly trying to make it work. Come learn your God given purpose!
  2. Gain control of your mind. Mental health is a touchy subject for many people. Through neglecting it, many are psychologically unstable. Come learn to manage your mental being.
  3. $10 Investment or Withdrawal? There are many recreational activities that we do that negatively affect our body, mind, spirit and/or finances. For example, constant eating out, shopping, drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc. Why not use $10 this month for something positive?
  4. Zoom. My homeboy Aven put me on this app! Turns out it’s perfect for corporate meetings and workshops. Watch Mr. Worthy’s workshop from the comfort of your home if you’re out of city/state! Click here to download Zoom
  5. Affordability. Last month Mr. Worthy had the Finacial Freedom Workshop, which is a shame if you missed it. One of the principles I learned is BUDGETING. This is the best $10 you can spend this month.

The next 5 reasons are special because they are not bias. Read the reasons why a friend believes you don’t want to miss the #CYMCYD workshop on March 24th!

6. “Develop good habits! Like setting goals and actually achieving them. We can all be consistent in our goals for them to manifest!”

7. “Build confidence and become motivated. When you’re doing everything and it isn’t working, it can lower your confidence. Refresh you mind by immersing yourself in an environment that will give you the tools to maintain a healthy mindset and prosperous life!”

8. “Invest in your future. If you don’t invest in yourself, no one else will!”

9. “Challenge yourself. Learn to take yourself seriously, and how to do something different or what you always wanted for a change!”

10. “You’re Worth it! You’re worth your time, money, and energy. Don’t neglect your dreams! Activate your POWER!

taste and see,

Click here to register!



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