Taste & See

With it being 36 days into the new year, “Happy New Year!” is still acceptable to say in my opinion! I’m excited for the new year and the growth I’ve had in each area of my life since my last blog. I’m excited for yours as well! Now, I definitely want to give a special shout out to those who have asked me where my blogs have been since November. That has meant a lot to me knowing that someone is actually reading the blogs, so thank you for being a motivation behind this post!

The other motivation behind this post is to give a glimpse into the background of, and to promote my first clothing line, Taste and See! In January of 2017, I created the design that you see in the featured image above and on the t-shirts. The inspiration behind the design is Psalm 34:8 which says “O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trust in him.”

The first time I read this scripture my view on life took another shift of progress. I looked at my life that day in October 2016 and truly realized I was blessed, and I understood that it was because of my trust in my heavenly Father. From that point, it was and is my hope that many others would taste and see the same blessed lifestyle of spiritual, mental, physical, and economic prosperity that I get to experience because of Him.


I created this t-shirt design and website as a way for me to share this lifestyle choice. Reflecting on 2017, I was able to accomplish my goals on a small scale. I sold a few t-shirts and began to develop the website on different occasions. Of course my goal this year is to do much better in both!

Now, the core of Jimmie Lee is the ministry every believer is called to, reconciliation. So it is inevitable that the TAS line has the same aspect. When people ask “what is Taste and See?” that is your moment to spread good news about the Kingdom of God or something positive. It’s been my experience over the past four years that I miss a lot of opportunities to say something to expand God’s kingdom, but thats no longer a worry because the t-shirt it serves as a great conversation starter!

Another goal of the TAS line is to donate 10% of each years sales to a organization who is promoting the Kingdom of God in what they do. For example, the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Club. They exist to instill principals, that coincide with biblical principals, into the lives of young men grades three through twelve. The 10% of 2017 sales will be donated to DGC this month!

I am excited for this movement, and my prayer is that many would support it! To support you can: purchase a shirt, be in prayer for God’s kingdom to be advance through the clothing line, and use the hashtag #TASmovement! Click here to purchase a shirt!

taste and see,

Scripture to check out:

Psalm 34
1 Corinthians 5:18
Matthew 10:8





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