Prayer and Worship Response

This year I have, on and off, dedicated Tuesday nights to Prayer and Worship. For this last quarter of the year my goal is to remain consistent in it. Tuesdays I would spend by myself at the Multicultural Center at the College of Charleston in the presence of God from 7 till 8 PM. I loved it because I was able to break away from all that was going on during the day and be before the Lord. During this time I would listen to and sing praise and worship songs, write poems, meditate, and pray. I want to share with you my experience last night in my room. Enjoy.

I listened to ‘Place of Worship’ by William McDowell and ‘You are Great’ by Juanita Bynum.

Thoughts: My number 1 desire is that others would taste and see the goodness of your Kingdom. I want to make believers out of people and assist people in seeing their dreams come true.

Father, I’m running into the issue of not acting. IDK why it feels as though I need a partner or someone to help me. It’s just easier to do things w/ one or more persons.

Read Josh 1:1-9. Meditate on the word day and night, be strong and very courageous, and do the commandments of the word. Then you will make your way prosperous and be successful.

Continue to have hope in your vision, taking small steps towards it each day. (Thank you God) The vision is for an appointed time. Read Hab 2:1-4. Though the vision be questionable and hesitant at times, wait for it because it will surely come. It will not delay.

RE-turn to joy. This is a season to Rejoice!

The difference between those who get to see what their vision manifest and those who don’t is who can wait in faith and not give up. The questionable/hesitation of the vision causes impatience and loss of hope. No hope means No Faith which means Death. “Faith without hope is death” – Jeremy Worthy

The leaders you are reading about received instruction directly from the Lord. That was their “plan”. Seek first the Kingdom for your instruction. Your carnal mind cannot do this alone. Seeking God will allow you to experience God.

Read Phil 4:6-9.

That is how my 70 minutes went last night, and I left encouraged! I also was able to get a better understanding of Habakkuk by using my Hebrew/Greek Concordance. I learned that there are two different definitions of the word “tarry” that is used in verse 3. I hope you meditate on some of the scripture listed above and that something resinates with you.

taste & see,



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