Message to Self & Blood

Dear little cousin,

For me to stop and meditate on what is happening in your life right now weighs on my spirit yet is promising at the same time, for I was in the same place before and still trying to overcoming things now. Do you remember when you decided to commit your life to Christ? Do you remember the joy you felt? Do you remember how others marveled at your decision? At that very moment you were not thinking that your life would soon be centered around a constant spiritual battle; all of a sudden you constantly felt convicted and you seemed to be pulled away from Christ the more you ran to Him. Because of your age the world seems more appealing, and I think it is due to the culture that is centered around Christianity, leaving very few people your age wanting to live the live you chose. So, you’re now in a constant battle of doing what you know to be right and what your friends are doing which they have made right in their own minds. Little do they understand that it is causing you to go down a path that is not meant for you, and will alter what God has in store for your life in Him on His path. At this realization of where you are, it has made me realize where I am nearly 4 years after making a decision to surrender my will to God’s, ultimately leading to you making that same decision. High School is such an interesting time where there is so much pulling on you, and let me tell you, it does not get easier. But I encourage you to hold on and be steadfast in what you know is best for you. You literally have to be opposite of what many around you consider normal. I face this struggle everyday, and I have not made the best decisions, trust me. But my prayer for you and myself right now is: that the right people will make their way into our lives and more importantly strength for us to deny what we desire in our flesh to do. For in our flesh dwells no good thing.

Your cousin,

Jimmy L Worthy

Scripture to check out:

Matt 7:13
Rom 7:18
Ps 51:12

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