Church: “Bag of Love”

I struggled writing and sharing this, but it epitomizes my apprehensiveness with Church


Last week I moved my quiet-time outside, and after what seemed to be forever, I found myself in a checkered courtyard of a church onlooking King Street. At this time of the morning, the courtyard was nestled into the shade. My company was birds chirping, pedestrians on the other side of a cast iron fence, and at the table across from mine, a  white man in his late thirties. His attire was unwashed, and the feet he showed me were scaly from wearing the same shoes too long and without socks. From his frantic walking around and conversation with me and himself, I became alert of his every move.

My thoughts while I was there were: do I have the power to help this man get his right mind back? what has happened in this mans life to where he is his present self? why is this world so imbalanced?

As time went by, people watching and disregarding answers to some of my questions, I realized what I was sitting in the midst of; a food bank. It finally hit me when three other men in the same condition walked through the courtyard and disappeared into a pathway behind me.

I sat and wondered, why do churches mainly feed the physical man of those who are less fortunate, and not their spirit? It’s basically putting a bandaid on deeper issues that can be fixed. To me it says, “we don’t want to take the time to allow the word of God to convert your soul and change your life, but we will give to those less fortune because it’s a part of our ministry.” I believe it is so easy to get caught in giving a “Bag of Love” or anything of that sort, which is a good thing to do. However, from my understanding, Jesus coming to earth was meant to get us back to a right relationship with God, spiritually. The healing that we ALL need is on the inside, spiritually. How do we ensure that our “Bag of Love” is not just a good deed, but something that can truly change a life?

This Church series is not to diminish any church organization, but for a young man to express his growing understanding of the Word of God, which often contradicts what he has learned of the traditional religious practice of going to church.

taste and see,
Scripture to check out:
2 Timothy 2:15
Open Your Bibles and READ

2 thoughts on “Church: “Bag of Love”

  1. Good morning my love!!! I wrote up early this morning… not to drink the salt bath but to spend time with Jesus then found myself reading your post!!! Your writing is so true and I’m so proud to be your mom…. and to have you as my son!!!


  2. Jimmy… you are such an inspiration to my being. It is so refreshing to 1) read your thoughts and expressions of what you believe and 2) know that you have such passion about your intentions. I pray that you continue to allow God to use you in the way that he sees fit.
    Aunt Darlene


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