Message to Self: Discipline

A message to myself that can hopefully help others!

For the past couple of days, the word discipline has been on my mind. I’ve been able to realize the inconsistency and lack of it in my life, and it’s impact. It is easy to say, and makes sense, that without discipline one cannot manage a job, a spouse, money, a relationship, a new workout plan or anything of that sort. More importantly, one will not be able to enjoy God’s blessings.

Webster’s definition of discipline is, behaving in a way that shows a willingness to obey rules or orders. I love this definition and have italicized “behaving” and “obey” because, to me, those are key words in the definition. In the Bible, Paul’s behavior we may find strange, and almost impossible. He says, “we should be temperate in all things”. Translated using the greek definition for temperate, “we should have power over ourselves in all things”. Not only does he evoke power over himself, but he “keeps under” his body. This means he treats his body in a suppressive way. Lastly, he brings his body into “subjection”. He literally brings his body into bondage, that he may be able to be in obedience and to preach to others. It’s okay to be in awe, hahah. I definitely was as I dug deeper into the meaning of the passage of scripture.

It’s crazy how much we can blame other people and situations when things are not going the way they should. For me, an easy example would be my choice not to eat dairy and fried food back in April. My excuse has been, “since graduations, celebrations, and summer break is here, its okay.” However, that shouldn’t matter if I controlled my thoughts and actions; discipline. Coming to my senses, if I truly want something I must discipline myself in order to get it, not wavering. I must look to Paul’s behaviors as an example in order to achieve all the things that I desire for myself.

One habit I’m picking up, after refocusing last week, is becoming conscientious. So, in regards to my eating order I gave myself back in April, I’m going to make conscious efforts to avoid dairy and fried foods. I am also going to start back planning out my meals. Now Paul’s habits will not happen over night, so I’m going to allow those to gradually become mine. 😉

taste and see,

Scripture to check out:

1 Corinthians 9:24-27

P.S. you should probably have a clue of where I am since What’s going into Your Temple? lol



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