Reflect, Rejoice, Refocus

This year I have really committed to reflecting each month. I especially look at if I’m on the way to accomplishing my overall goals for the year and my smaller goals for the individual month. I even take the time to reflect on major moments that occurred. For example, I graduated from the College of Charleston on May 12th, and it was HOT yet beautiful! (shout out to my brother Johnny for capturing this moment!!!)gradphotoWith that being said, I’d like to share two major benefits that I love about reflecting:

  1. I have the opportunity to rejoice in all my accomplishments and major moments for the month! The bible says to rejoice in the Lord always, and not only should we rejoice in Him, but in our accomplishments as well. The prefix re- means to return, and joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. So, why would we not want to always return to joy?
  2. When you reflect on your goals you can see what you need to continue to work on; what needs to be added or put on hold for a while. You even get to see where you have fallen off track in different areas of your life. By returning to your original focus, refocusing, you can turn those neutral and negative things into positives. For example, a focus of mine I’m returning to is reading The Greatest Salesman in the World three times a day during 2017.

Take some time to reflect and rejoice on May! Then refocus or start writing some goals for June. It’s never too late to create goals!

taste and see,
Scripture to check out:
Proverbs 29:18
Philippians 4:4
Habakkuk 2:2-3



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