Explore God’s Creation: Jones Gap State Park

During my recent trip to Marietta, South Carolina I was able to bask in the beauty of God’s creation. For all you nature enthusiast, this is a great park in the mountains of SC  where you can hike, camp, and more importantly see waterfalls! If you already live in the upstate area of SC it is an easy drive. Admission is only 5 bucks a person plus gas to get there and hiking snacks. My hiking buddy and I did a total of 8 miles, but you can choose to hike further or shorter distances. To end the day, my special someone and I chose to drive 30 minutes to Downtown Greenville for dinner which was a good choice considering there was nothing in the mountain town eat. It was an amazing day trip, and I encourage you to check it out this summer! To describe some of my thoughts during the trip peep the poem below!

A wandering spirit and a goal oriented spirit collides,
creating beauty like hues of green and gray.
No engines and no horns she says
take it all in.
She has an amazing way of slowing down my mind
to see the awe of God’s creation.
Listen to the calm yet powerful water
racing through the mountains over rocks.
Notice the busy insects,
camouflaged snakes,
various inclines,
and light blue clear skies.
The power of being still.
taste and see,
Scripture to check out:
Psalm 46:10

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