One of the Kingdom Keys

During service today I realized how to better understand our make up as human beings: spirit and flesh. Gaining a better understanding of this make up will allow us to maximize our time on Earth. Take note that the flesh is evil from birth and remains evil until death. Satan, who’s main objective is to bring death to your life, dwells inside of us, and referred to as ruler of the flesh according to scripture. Once we become born again through our belief in Jesus Christ, the spirit is awakened by the spirit of God, but keep in mind the flesh remains evil (or ruled by Satan). The two are opposites and are always fighting against each other which makes sense because one is God and the other Satan! This is why we find it hard to do the things that we know is right concerning the spirit of God.

The best example of this war going on inside of us, in our mind, is seen through deciding to eat healthy. I’ve recently blogged about becoming vegan/conscious in my eating habits here and since then there has been countless moments when I have given in to my fleshly desires/cravings haha. During that moment when our flesh is calling out, we have two options: yield to the desire or cast it down. So often we yield to the desire and say we will do better next time. Only causing a slow death and making it harder to overcome the lust of our flesh(evil) in the next situation. The flesh vs spirit war operates in other areas with the same effects: From faith to sex to money to fitness and any other area in our life. Until we can control our minds and the evil thereof, we will not be able to control the outcome that we want in the areas of our lives I listed above. Let’s all agree to do better at casting down the evil and even negativity that arises in our minds, so that we can prosper in every area of our life on Earth. This is God’s desire for our life.

taste and see,

Scriptures to check out:
James 4:1-3
1 Peter 2:11
Galatians 5:17-25
Ephesian 4:17-27
Colossians 3:5-17
Romans 7:15-25


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