Become as Little Children

My time student teaching in elementary school the past 3 months has given me more understanding of the Kingdom of Heaven. I believe the span new born to 7 years old is the age group of the “children” Jesus spoke of representing the Kingdom of Heaven in Matthew 18 and 19. Becoming as these little children is one of the many keys to access the Kingdom of Heaven during this life time. The following list describes not only the attributes that I saw in my students during student teaching, but describes what God’s domain is like, and more of how we are to live in the earth domain:
  • Joy – cheerfulness; a feeling of great happiness; to rejoice
  • Unwavering Belief – no matter what happens, you believe in the unseen *by faith*
  • Pure – not harmful in any way
  • Fearlessness – afraid of nothing; free of doubt
  • Trust – have confidence in God’s understanding of your life
  • Rest – freedom from activity or labor
  • Dependency – needing someone for support
  • Marvel – sit in awe; recognize the extreme goodness in others, especially God
Become as little children and see a shift in your life.
taste and see,

Scripture to check out:
Matt 18:1-5
Matt 19:13-15
Matt 16:19
Ps 5:11
Heb 10:38
Prov 3:5-7
Matt 11:28-30
John 5:30

Ps 92:5


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