Exceed Knowledge Level

I’ve just completed my Maymester, 14 weeks of Anatomy and Physiology 2 squeezed into 3 weeks. For me, a Maymester was ideal because I could get in and get out! However, the sleepless nights, endless cramming of material, and constant anxiety made those 3 weeks dreadful.

In hindsight, I approached the class completely wrong, and I know for certain the approach I took made the 3 weeks stressful. From the last week of class until today, God has revealed to me five truths that would have changed my attitude and outcome of the class.

  1. “Control Your Mind, Control Your Destiny” .. The greatest battle or test I had this May was overcoming my own mind. Throughout the entire class my attitude and my thoughts were mostly negative, which created the results I got. It agitates me that I know that my thoughts and my thinking will make it so, however I didn’t push myself past the Knowledge Level….
  2. “Why did you set your goal grade as a C?” Setting my goal grade as mediocre was sheer laziness. Baffling as this is, it is contrary to what I know of myself and what I should do. If the Bible tells me that “I am more than a conqueror”, why did I not exceed the knowledge level? Why did I not Apply?
  3. God showed me the importance of Faith and Endurance.
  4. He showed me the importance of maintaining Peace through His Son even when I am bombarded with other things.
  5. He showed me the importance of getting understanding. I’ve found most of the time we stumble because we do not have understanding. I know for this class I simply memorized the material and never attempted to get true understanding, only making the class more difficult. Not seeking understanding is what even brings confusion to other situations and when it comes to the Word of God.

Note to Self: The way to Exceed Knowledge Level is by staying in the Spirit (not making carnal decisions). Staying in the Spirit allows you to realize and apply what you know to do.

Btw I passed the Maymester, and I only have one semester worth of classes left in college!



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